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how many Muslims do Christians have to kill...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 4 2015, 16:56:50 (UTC)
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...before Muslims are accorded the same sort of "freedom from freedom of speech" we now accord to Jews? You can't insult Judaism, but it's open season on it once was against there a certain number Christians have to kill before you pass a law saying you can't make fun of a religious group? How many? Six million...four many before Christians stop this nonsense?

Americans now insist they have the freedom, not only to kill you from the skies, but to mock your every is the "freedom to murder" we should be talking about and not the freedom to draw cartoons.

In Texas they held a cartoon drawing contest of this really necessary for "freedom"? Americans are already free to murder anyone anywhere in the world just because they think he or she MIGHT someday "pose a threat" But that isn't enough...they must also be able to spit in your face..and if you get angry at that and seem like you might want pay-back THEN they can send a drone to finish you off.

How about a contest for the best depiction of a Jew nose? How would that freedom go over?

...and more than that, why are Christrians so embroiled in murder anyway? My answer is because their religions BEGINS with murder.


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