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=> how would YOU suggest making 60 million in 24 hours?

how would YOU suggest making 60 million in 24 hours?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 18:42:50 (UTC)
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...well, finding someone to "save" would be a good start.

Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida has this, in part, to say about our useless but oh-so-profitable-so-fast no-fly zone over Libya....

"But a no-fly zone? In the case of Libya, that's a tactic in search of a strategy. The Yiddish word for it is "shmei," roughly translated as aimless strolling around. A no-fly zone is basically just looking like you're doing something to remove Gaddafi, at the cost of $60 million in a day (which was the cost of the first day's worth of cruise missiles launched).

The last time we tried this, in Iraq, we had to sustain it for 12 years. At enormous effort and expense. And it didn't bring down Saddam at all.

....hmmm 60 million a day for 12 years? Wow...I want to go to WAR!

...I love it when people say ...

a. you are too cynnical.

b. do you REALLY think we would go to war just to make money?

...when confronted with cynics, YOU are not the one being cynical when you RECOGNIZE them and NAME them...and does anyone think business people do NOT live to make money...anyway they can? When the tobaco corporations, plus the government, collude to make billions and by now trillions when they all knew all along that their product is the only one that will kill or harm you is you use it AS have the silly nerve to question warmongering profiteers about how venal and bloody THEY are???

...who´s the silly fool?


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