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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 28 2017, 13:16:16 (UTC)
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...American bullshit is hard at work blaming Isis for the civilians recently killed. I love the "human shield" cover; that it was Isis which placed those civilians close to where America bombed so it was their fault and not ours.

During WW II all Christian nations hid their munitions plants among the civilian population precisely to hide them among women and children....they used their own population as "human shields" and many were killed in bombing raids meant to just hurt military let's calm down about Isis and their use of "human shields".

Everyone has done it but only Muslims are blamed for doing Euros it was "strategy".

Like Vietnam, in a few years people will begin turning on the reasons for the Iraq war, which began this great unraveling of civil society in that entire region...the enormity of this crime against humanity and law will begin to dawn on the people who still try to defend it and downplay the horror they unleashed on innocent people.

The United States has become a scourge among the nations. Our argument is that we have to be top dog or else some other more nasty people will get that position and then, "YOU'LL be sorry"!

Not funny at all that Nazi's used the same argument.

Why is it so consistently true that those who believe in white supremacy aren't even decent examples of basic humanity and intelligence? Why are they all murderous clowns?


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