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in defense of Zionism....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 7 2011, 10:38:52 (UTC)
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The one inescapable problem I always have when confronting Zionism and rampant Jewry is compassion and understanding too. If I can understand why Muslims today have become "extremists" then I have to acknowledge that Jews too have been pushed beyond the human breaking point. In fact no people on earth have suffered what Jews have and if some of them have gone over the edge and learned to employ the tactics of their tormentors, it is only understandable, though still reprehensible.

For at least 1500 years Jews have suffered unspeakable persecution and torment at the hands of Christians...the entire list of the crimes they have suffered, the indignities they have been subjected to, the injustices, the losses, the misery right up until a few decades ago, stuns the imagination...and has been felt by no other people on earth...not as badly and not for as long.

Therefore, it should not really be surprising that a portion of them have adopted these same techniques and put them to use against a people even weaker than they. If you treat an adult, or child, with injustice and cruelty, do not be surprised when they learn to do the same, and do it.

The need for a Zionist movement, like the need for the defense in the Warsaw Ghetto did not come from came as a reaction to what was being done to them by Christians....indeed the only truly regretable thing about Zionism is that it focused on the wrong enemy...the tactics were perfectly fine and legitimate...if used against Christians, Germans especially....but had no place against Muslims...against Palestinians in particular. Germany was a much more "promising" land than Haifa ever was, and the Christians of Germany, Austria, Poland etc. really and truly "had it coming"....but Jews know they haven't the means or strength to defend themselves against the Christian world. So they did the next best thing....they became allies of the Christian West and allowed themselves to be used, yet again, against the oil rich Arabs....

....underpinning all events of the 20th and 21st centuries, and driving most of them, is the insatiable need for oil and more any price, human or other wise.

I understand and sympathize with Muslims driven to the point where they lose some basic, common human decency, because of the way they have been treated and not for any flaw within themselves....and for the same reason and for even more compelling reasons, I understand why a portion of Jews would become racist and oppressors and murderers of the innocent in their own right...because they too were pushed to it....the only real and unqualified condemnation I can make of Zionism is that it chose the wrong target....Christians and not Muslims have been the true enemies of the Jews...but even there, even in their choice of the wrong enemy, Jews were again driven there by Christians.

I understand the need for Zionism, I understand that it was never a Jewish "movement" but a Jewish reaction to a Christian movement begun long, long ago....basically Zionism goes against mainstream Judaism, and many Jews are against I am against killing innocent people, or even the guilty...but, given human nature and teachings too, I understand perfectly what gave rise to Zionism and I don't blame Jews for it...I blame the Christians who began this attack and torment of Jews centuries ago...


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