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=> in which Maggie tries to save her face....

in which Maggie tries to save her face....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 5 2014, 15:31:48 (UTC)
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...we have become the "idiot-forum killers"......perpend;

This year I did not want to renew the registration of and felt it was useless to pay hundreds of dollars for a forum and a website that clearly is useless and going out of style now that we have facebook.

...we pay for ours too and it's hardly "hundreds of dollars"...besides, aren't those poor virgins you never tire of WORTH IT???

But our hero Vania Lolham renewed it anyway, and paid all the fees, because he thinks it's important to have this site, (although god knows why he thinks so).

...god has nothing to do with it...he feel that way because he doesn't want to be seen as running away....something you're more comfortable with.

Prove him right....or prove me wrong. Your choice.'re both idiots.

As far as I can see, the only good thing that's come out of having this site is that NOOKHRAYEH are learning our history and religion,

...from YOU!!!!!???? Tell us again about the Assyrian SNORKEL!

and are busy quoting from my articles all over the internet.

...fools will always quote fools...what did you expect? You think they would quote actual historians???

Amazing how many people are using the information contained in my articles "Assyrian Origins of Easter" and "Assyrian Origins of Christmas" on their own websites, even plagiarizing it word for word, (and I don't even CARE). sad, sad person. You so much want to be relevant that you brag about dimwits "using your words".....who ELSES would they use?

I want them to know we had a great civilization once, and the Assyrian religion was not the mockery today's religions are, nor were we A NATION OF BEGGARS, because they were busy building life on earth instead of busy destroying each other.

..and you have absolutely nothing to do with that ancient civilization...just like your JC degree, you think calling your self Assyrian makes you somebody.

Priceless to have new-wave thinkers across the globe understand where their origins come from and how the Assyrian culture and religion is the proto-type of all religions and cultures of the world, while our own people are stuck in endless dogmas and fighting over who's religion and patriarch is the "true" one. I have news for you....NONE of them are "true" because they are ALL copies of the original Assyrian philosophy of building life on earth, not looking for a messiah to rescue them from themselves.

...I'll give you that.

I guess this is the reason why Vania is paying the fees now, so thank you Vania. He sent me a note that says, "Keep on writing, and I will pay the fees." AMAZING there's an Assyrian like you, Vania.....

...except, you haven;t written much of anything on this precious site of, what is he really paying for? I'll tell you; he doesn't want to see you go down in defeat...which you guaranteed the day you too began banning and deleting and handing out passwords to your pals and your pals only....when you hang up, or walk out OR give out passwords, you admit you lost....we never banned anyone or deleted or had passwords..we didn;t need to for people like you knew they didn't belong where speech is really and truly free...not "protected" but free....people called us all sorts of names over the years and we went right on speaking and writing anyway, till they got bored or embarrassed and took themselves away...THAT is "Assyrian", not passwords and a speech-police.

I cringe everytime I say Happy Ishtar to an Assyrian, because they start to quote me from a Jewish bible and condemn me to hellfire and brimstones, without ever knowing what the word Easter means. It doesn't really matter to me anymore. I'm just happy that non-Assyrians know what it means now, so that Vania's money doesn't go to waste.... is going to waste, but we over here appreciate his willingness to throw good money after bad...because your site proves our one reads and very little of any interest or substance is is a ghost site, just like all your ideas and "history" died long ago but if you went away, we would not have you as an example of what NOT to do if you claim some grand birthright, for you have made a mockery of yourselves and we thank you for it.

This video contains the only true religion of mankind. All the rest is hatred, envy, jealousy, competion, division of man, hence a force of destruction. banning people who disagree with you...or the hate you spilled on Dr Joseph's head for the crime of REALLY telling the truth? Like that?

Our ancestors did not intend for us to be mired in hatred and division, but I guess we don't really want to know the truth, that's why we embrace all these fake and divisive religions. And I suppose that's why every Assyrian church is either in court or has been in court over "who's the holiest than thou."

...they were not your are not Assyrian and never will be, no matter how much "information" to the contrary you put out.


..that's the word I would use to describe you as well.....see, we agree.


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