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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 2 2007, 23:13:58 (CET)
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...while it's strictly true that Christian fundamentalists aren't individually blowing people up(much) are Muslim fundamentalists...the Christian armies of the West are using their massive firepower to blow lots and lots of people well as starve children to death etc. Christians hope to keep us focused on the few isolated acts by desperate Muslims while we miss the larger carnage and mayhem brought by entire governments...nice try.

The Nazis too were outraged by "terrorism" from a band of starving Jews in the Warsaw ghetto who dared strike back with handguns and homemade explosives against the Whermacht, SS, Gestapo etc.

Since Christians sponsor State Terror they present it as the norm...while any effort to fight them off in defense of home and family is supposed to be perceived as criminal.


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