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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 12 2007, 21:53:34 (CET)
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...discusses the real significance of the destroyed CIA tapes which show torture being applied to Muslims....the real reason they were destroyed is of course nowhere near the ones's because those torture-induced confessions supposedly revealed the "world wide conspiracy of Terror" etc. which Bush used to justify his "all-war-all-the-time-everywhere" approach to Iraq and Islam....these forced confessions were kept from the 9/11 Panel for obvious reasons...not because the torture was too ghastly, the CIA has done horrendous stuff all over the world our government knows about, demands and's because they clearly show what was done to get these "confessions" out of people and how worthless they were, except to justify Bush's raid on our Constituion..but how necessary to Bush's determination to ruin the MidEast and raise oil profits.


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