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it's not that they have nothing to do
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 1 2011, 9:51:43 (UTC)
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but they are waiting for the "big thing". You wanna know what that thing is? It's part of their "strategy" to just wait for it to happen. I was told back in the days that Assyrians are waiting while Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Iranians and all Muslims kill each other and Jumbalat bet-Shlimon along with Fred Aprim leading the way will take over and bring Assyria back. I am not joking but am for real about it. This is what I was always told and I have cousins in Zowaa who tell me the same thing that they are waiting while Muslims kill one another so that their Bible will come true and give them an "Assyria" again. Of course this is a bunch of shit and they know it damn well. This is their pretext as to why they aren't doing what they claim they should be doing so they justify it by saying they are patiently waiting.

They really think to be clever and think that some day the millions of Kurds will just disappear and leave the land for the Christians. This son of a bitch cousin of mine had this argument with me a few years ago. He kept quoting the Bible as his source and telling me what would happen and I was just puffin on blunts and blowing the smoke at his missionary ass. He kept saying how something "huge" will happen to Kurds which will drive them out of Iraq and I am asking him what that "huge" thing is yet all he could say is that the Bible promises Assyria so it only makes sense that something "huge" will happen. Imagine a people with such history and "pure" descendants of Ashur Banipal are actually relying on books written by a bunch of drunk, child molesting,and unknown Jews and Europeans. So, Pancho, they aren't quiet as you think, but they meet daily underground and discuss their strategy. They are "waiting" which is their secret and brilliance while you, I and the other dummies are over here. They don't wanna "waste their time" with us because they are working for Assyria.


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