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killing neighbors...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, February 24 2013, 17:59:45 (UTC)
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...watching US soldiers prowling the streets of Iraq cities it struck me that this is no "war"...there is no opposing army...even more than in Vietnam, where there were at least jungles, Iraq is wide open...the only places to hide are in neighborhoods and cities...hence American soldiers aren't fighting any enemy soldiers, they're fighting Iraqi citizens...and most of the time it isn't any kind of a fight...just marauding Americans shooting up neighborhoods.

The weapon of choice for Iraqis have been the explosive they set one, and it explodes...but they are long gone by the time the Americans arrive...and that's when you catch footage on teevee of Americans sneaking around corners and kicking in doors...they know damn well whoever set the device is long gone...why stick around? But kicking in doors and dragging Iraqis out to be "questioned" is the whole point....the soldiers are almost bait used to entice just such attacks so they can then do what they went there to do; Create enemies for's what keeps "business" going.

This was never a was a sales convention.


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