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=> let's settle somehting..

let's settle somehting..
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 12:55:03 (UTC)
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1. God does not love us....quite the opposite if the fucker is even there.

2. Corporations do not worry about our jobs or welfare but their profits, at all costs.

3. Politicians could give a shit about anybody but's our vote they love, not the voter.

So, yes, when a catastrophe like in Japan with their hot nukes occurs, we will be lied to....okay?

The Tea Party and other morons have been raised from the cradle to do themselves's what they call "Faith". I know it seems odd, but there you have it. That's modern Fascism...Hitler and the boys were cartoons, they were the Model T of Fascism, the first attempts, in the modern era....they were crude, they got off on inconsequentials like Gosse Steps, and weird salutes. long leather trenchcoats etc. and they strutted far too was easy to see and hear them coming from a mile away...easy to point them out and hence easy to get them out of your arse...not so with these new and improved models who slide right in before you know it.

The greatest success of modern Cadillac Fascism is making you think you will LIKE it! You WANT to be living in a Fascist HATE freedom and Liberty, they are scary, uncertain, uncontrollable....Fascism is nice, Fascism is safe, Fascism makes you feel secure, cared for,'s better than sex even...all you have to do is be raised right, that's all.

The early brand, Hitler and Mussolini's, they were new, uncomfortable, awkward because they were being imposed on ADULTS and for the first time...adults who'd had no proper upbringing, who hadn't been bombarded by commercials and doubletalk and triplethink...but we've had generations since where children have been quietly conditioned, not by direct appeals, but in round-about ways to become fertile and receptive ground for gradual-Fascsism...the kind that creeps up on children and young adults, after some futile flopping around and so-called "rebellion", you know, tattos and rap music, any music belonging to "kids", and now even more electronic's what you have to do to "raise" a child religious: you have start early...and we've been started on Fascism now, early too....that wasn't the case in the 20s and 30s so it was harder to put it over.....not now baby, not we have millions running TO Fascism...they can't get enough..."take my freedom and liberty, just give me a Beloved Leader!....Like God in heaven...I want one here on earth too...and you call him the Lord Democracy, if you want to...I don't care."

Fasicm won WW II....the early practitioners of it the Model T lost out to the '59 Cadillac....but cars WON!


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