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=> let's take an example....

let's take an example....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, December 21 2014, 19:43:15 (UTC)
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A Muslim debating Hitchens over things like free speech, free cartoons, blasphemy etc must NOT spend his or her time defending Islam's reaction to each...the conversation should be turned instead to a discussion of how all people and civilizations are similar in their growth patterns....Hitch has to be reminded that Christians were against free speech for most of their history...they killed people for blasphemy, they denied rights to women...they did all the things it appears ALL people have done...there is nothing to brag about in the case of Christianity that it stopped these practices, somewhat, before Islam did...Christianity had 700 more years to develop and grow....

And the only reason Christianity stopped at all was because of civil society or secular laws and movements and not because Christians CHOSE to...and who, more than anyone, is responsible for the rise to power of fundamentalist Muslims, who act today as their Christian forbears did just a few centuries ago...who has ensured that fundamentalists gained power if NOT Christian nations?

One exception to this notion that the Church improved and grew is the Holocaust....and that happened a mere 70 years ago....when slamming Islam for violence etc., all a Muslim has to do is discuss the Holocaust, in Hitch loves detail Muslim isn't an evasion either, because the point is that Islamic society was moving towards secularism, except for the crazed Wahabbis, whom the Bushes adore...there was a faint beginning which has been smashed and set back centuries by Christians...I don;t think Christians want anything BUT "crazed fundamentalists" because then they hide their own crimes behind religion, as they have always done.


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