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let us not forget...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, October 24 2010, 5:45:38 (UTC)
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,,,that this vulgar way of referring to Aprim and others by us is merely using his own tacitcs, and that of other nationalists, against him. We began years ago by just trying to discuss issues with these people...never dreaming that their eventual response to tough questions would be to attack our mothers and sisters...and this worked for them in the past because assyrians especially get very angry when someone calls their mothers whores...I mean we thought we were discussing assyrian issues, not our mothers.

But we surprised them...we didn't run...we didn't leave. We gave back even better and THEY ran, that is they had us banned, but it amounts to the same. I came back at Aprim by reminding him of the great oral sex he and I had in a toilet of the Greyhound bus depot in San Jose late one night...he never mentioned my mother again. Even in this shabby and creepy way it was easy to defeat is ALWAYS easy to defeat just use their own words....and tactics, against them.


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