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love that Nader...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, October 3 2011, 3:14:11 (UTC)
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Just finished watching a documentary on Ralph Nader. What a guy! One fellow said that if Nader had put his name to everything he, and he alone, brought into existence to better the lives of us all, people would finally understand how significant this one citizen has been....what if all seatbelts had "Nader" written across them...or all auto airbags....or the various labor and Consumer laws and protections....what if his name had been attached to every single thing he initiated and helped bring into being?

And the notion that Michael Moore and Bill Maher and so many other one-time supporters were right to fall out with him for "costing us the election" is a big lie....the Democrats lost the election all on their own...they're the ones who gave up the fight in Florida, and Bush won Florida by 500 votes....which seven other independent candidates also why not blame any one of them...why Ralph? Because Ralph was seriously popular and exposed how much Democrats were beholden to the same corporate donors and lobbyists and they could forgive him for exposing them as wannabe Republicans.

His point was that Kerry was counting on Progressives and Liberals because "where else could they go"? If he had won, what would he have owed them? Nothing. When you vote out of expediency, when you pick the lesser of two evils, you still get evil and you will NOT get your progressives issues attended to you're throwing away your vote all on your own.

And we can see with the victory of Obama, the hopey changey guy who was supposed to finally speak for so many of us that nothing changed for the better...we got zero democratic laws and programs and even the Republican ones that Obama pushed were rejected by Republicans, just because Obama was for them....we are the fools to believe campaign promises...and we're going to do it again....we're again going to vote for this dweezel because he's the lesser of two evils...he's got his mojo working again...he's out there SPEAKING again...and that's what we're supposed to vote for?

Nader was right; there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties....Obama proved him right.

Fer chrissakes he can't even get Republican measure passed!


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