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maher and Islam
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, May 10 2014, 18:02:04 (UTC)
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...he had the Dousza fellow on again and they took their shots at Islam, not some Muslims, but all of Islam.

Maher's big argument was that this is not the 14th century, if it was he would agree that Christianity is bad too, as bad as Islam, maybe...but this is the 21st century, the implication being that Islam is today way too savage.

He didn't have to reach back to the 14th century...has he forgotten the two World Wars in which 100 million people were murdered? Those were CHRISTIAN wars during which Christian "mullahs" prayed over bombs and soldiers who killed and raped innocent people, on BOTH sides...has he forgotten Korea.....Vietnam....Iraq, a war even he admits was immoral....those were all CHRISTIAN wars and next to the numbers slaughtered, the cities ruined, the treasure lost, the losses there in no way compare to what Muslims have done, in this century..

..and why did they and do they do these things? Who's been stealing resources and occupying those lands for over 150 years? Has Islam invaded the West....have Muslims sent armies around the world to battle rice farmers and peasants...who started this whole thing?


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