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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 3:30:40 (CET)
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...well I'll be. Aina, the black eye of assyria, has actually reported on the murder of two assyrians by Christians from America. However, as laudable as this is, I see no names given. I have a feeling that if this couple had been killed by Muslims we'd know what these people ate for breakfast that day, as well as their names.

ANA ASHUR Media & Translation Desk

American forces kill an Assyrian Christian family in a Mosul suburb

Nineveh-Assyria/ Iraq

A Christian family (man and his wife) were killed in their pickup vehicle when American forces shot at them in al-Tahrir neighborhood in Mosul.

The incident took place when the victim didn't notice the citizens who were trying to warn him about an American patrol and as he drove by, the American forces opened fire and the man and his wife were killed in cold blood. The bodies remained in the vehicle until an ambulance arrived at the scene.

An official source in Nineveh confirmed the incident this afternoon 31-12-2007 and said that the American forces killed the two victims following an explosion which targeted their patrol in al-Tahrir neighborhood north-east of Mosul.

...I wonder if aina will find their they can be included in the annual martyday fesitivities...I doubt it. This dead couple just isn't useful. Not to our nationalists...what a lost opportunity. Here's hoping Muslims kill the next couple, so they don't go to waste.


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