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modern fascism...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, June 2 2011, 13:13:19 (UTC)
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Website title:'s true Hitler was voted into office, but only under great pressure exerted by the Nazi Party on the aged and near-senile President of the Republic was he made Chancellor and then all bets were's also true that the Nazis, before taking power, were considered a joke by the majority of the Germans who continued to feel that way even after....however, once the propaganda ministry got rolling and the educational system began to adapt to Nazi dictates, people began to "see the Nazi light" and support grew...this is the challenge of modern Fascism: to create the DESIRE for Fascism among the free-voting, democratic, public.

FOX news and so many media outlets are engaged in this most thrilling phase of modern Fascism: how to get people to willingly undo themselves and work against their best interests...and really, it IS fascinating and a lot of fun for those doing it, not to mention extremely profitable because corporations pay for Fascism, they love Fascism because it allows them to buy government, and media and everything else.

The path is getting rougher, as it must because eventually it begins to dawn on people that they've been had...but, no matter, the short-term objectives of Fascism have been met by then, and all their goals are short-term...basically they attempt to rob as much wealth and power as quickly as they can before their shit hits the fan.

There may be a pull-back from the most extreme aspects of modern Fascism, as it exists in the United States...there has to be because the country is nearing the breaking point...the Nazis eventually drove Germany into the ground, but they made out like bandits till then and most of them managed to survive with their wealth intact thought stashed away...sure they lost some, so does a Casino, so does Wall Street...but that's the game: not everyone is going to win all the time...but enough will win more than they ever could have in any other way and whatever losses they suffer were just an acknowledged part of doing business...the "fee", if you will, to enter the sweepstakes.

But people forget and they are too stressed and harassed and easily manipulated and duped by God and Flag and so the Fascists will bounce back after a decent interval...and in a way it is the only way we are going to failing over and over again and slowly, very slowly, learning to see through more bullshit.

The Vietnam Era generation fell for it again...fell for Grenada and then Afghanistan and Iraq...and we'll fall for it again after an interval of forgetfulness.....there seems to be no other way to learn....slowly and oh so painfully...that's why you have to vote for Sarah Palin, to speed up the learning curve by speeding up and increasing the pain. Sad but true.


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