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modern warfare...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 8 2011, 20:48:25 (UTC)
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...isn't what it used to be. Eisenhower saw it coming. Ever since the founding of the Un it has been against international law to size land through conquest....which was the old way of war.

Only America, using Israel, is flaunting these new rules.

There is a new way to "win" wars. It's the way we won in Korea, Vietnam, Latin America, and now the MidEast, including of course Palestine...these wras and warlettes, all of them "lost" by conventional means, were terrific victories for American corporations, not the United States, but for businesses in America.

I'm not talking about conventional sales of weapons to foreign countries who pay with their own cash, borrowed or whatnot. I'm talking aboutt he wars we've conducted to make the world/us/democracy/freedom, take your pick, "safe"

In these wars the weapons are sold to the American people...we but them with our tax dollars...and we're only too happy to do so when the politiciand and those who own them tell us we must do so in order to be safe...and when the great bugaboo of the 20th century, COMMUNISM died....good business dictated that we must have another all-consuming enemy...enter TERRORIST MUSLIMS....1.6 billion of them and most of them out to "get us". What a windfall...what a savior...what rich prospects!

This is modern's a business in which, like the old Kaiser Permanente ad said, you must "find a need and fill it"....and if you can't find a "need" already there waiting to be filled...well, any good businessman will tell you the next step is to MAKE that need...create it...sell it...and THEN you can fill it.

A friend tells me that all Men are Violent...that all human history is filled with ars and all of us Humans are alike in this....not true. In the ancient world maybe, but in this new world order it has been the Christians, primarily, who fought these modern wars, wars for profits, wars for oil...wars for land.

Muslims have not....not once. The only war they can said to have fought was one of defense, against the European planted colony of Israel...and at that it was their business, right next door and not thousands of miles away...hell Muslims don't even make weapons! They don't sell weapons and, if left alone, they wouldn't use it is they have used odds and ends to make their weapons with, or have bought them or stolen them...

It has been Western Christian capitalist nations who have picked these fights, with weaker people, people who really had nothing to offer EXCEPT for the good pretext of posing a "danger" to us and our "way of life". They didn't have gold or silver, or other treasure and by our own UN laws we couldn't keep any lands we won from them...then what was the point?

The point was to have a pretext for war...for defending ourselves, so that great gobs of money could be taken from our Treasury and put into the pockets of the rat bastards, and their paid-for-political hacks, who graciously offered to save us.

And Muslims have done no such, all humans and all religions are NOT equal...there IS a more violent, pernicious and greedy and inhumane religion AND economic ssytem AND people on earth...far and away "different" from the rest...maybe not in essence, not genetically or not even situationally, but different in what they have DONE...which has decidedly been NOT to wage war for profit...or even instigate wars, for any reason except self-defense.

Even 9/11 was a case of self-defense...because we we learn from America's example, the best dfense is indeed a good OFFENSE. And 9?11 has been used by these same warmongers to make evn MORE rob us some their banker buddies just did.

No, Muslims ARE different, by their behavior....we are not ALL alike, not by any means.


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