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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, July 12 2013, 8:25:28 (UTC)
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It's funny how these "assyrians" are the only people who have "never" converted to another religion(Islam) unless it was by force. He says the Muslims don't allow your nationality(whatever the fuck he means), but then what the fuck are the Kurds, Pakistanis, Somalis, Senegalese, Iranians, Turks, Chinese Muslims. Ethiopians, Greek, Albanian, Bosnians, etc? Aren't all these different ethnic groups who are Muslim or have many Muslims among them and they're not Arabs? Again, another situation where a hero is speaking from his ass. All the people I mentioned and many more have become Muslims over the centuries and they still speak their language, have their culture, clothing and are making it just fine. The reason those "Assyrians" couldn't remain Assyrian is partially because, A, there was no Assyrian nationalism/identity back then, B, they weren't accepted by the remaining Christians who would have been hostile. Don't give me this bullshit. I know a handful of girls who married Muslim men, and all of them were disowned by their Christian families. I have a cousin who married a Muslim and she was beaten before she even married him and none of her family accepted her even though she's still a Christian. I guess dumb Assyrians never knew that a Christian woman/Jewish woman can marry a Muslim man and she doesn't need to convert to Islam. Muslim women can marry women from those two religions. Muslim women can't marry outside their religion but men can.

Bottom line, your fucking heroes are not what you make them out to be. These Christians or Assyrians, as you call them, are bigots, and hate Muslims period. They're racist and have(not all of course) always managed to cheer on any invader that came to Iraq, especially if that invader what white. I have never met any Assyrian in my life that would tolerate another Assyrian who happened to be a Muslim. The only few I have met were atheist or totally not religious, in other words, they didn't really care. You can go to any of their forums and ask them if they would accept, and hardly any would, but of course, you know that better than us. You just want dick again and play cute.


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