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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 21 2010, 23:35:28 (UTC)
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"On March 05th 1915, the Baku Newspaper reported that 20 Assyrian villages were completely destroyed while the bodies of women and children laid in the streets with marks of daggers and cleavers on them, and on March 15th 1915, the Tbilisi Newspaper described the Kurdish tribes’ attacks lead by Turkish officers as being barbaric, that was a little of what the newspapers had mentioned then, All this was taking place while the Assyrians had not joined the war. But as the massacres continued against them, adding all this religious, national and social degeneration surrounding the indigenous peoples of the Middle East, Assyrians were obliged to seek help from those who shared their religious beliefs as they did not have any other recourse since their killers and looters were either the ruling authorities or their gangs."

....completely untrue and again based on missionary and church sources plus foreign diplomats eager for any excuse to invade in order to "protect" the Christians...this from Christians who declared TWO WORLD WARS against other Christians!!!

"The Assyrian Patriarch Mar Binyamin Shimon (who was later martyred) declared that the Assyrians joined the war to Russia’s side in self-defense and for liberation from the Ottoman occupation and oppression. This decision was made during a meeting between the Patriarch and tribal leaders in the Diz area on June 10th 1915."

..there was no Ottoman "occupation"...what the United States is doing in Iraq is occupation...these lands belonged to the Turks for undereds of years...thatīs called a "nation".

These facts are an answer to those who claim that Assyrians collaborated with Russians before the massacres, in addition, hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Assyrians were massacred also in Tur Abdin area and its surroundings, knowing that they did not have any contact with any foreign state in the first place.

...these are not "facts"...they are your statements as passed to you by other Christians. Christians, assyrians included, collaborated with Russians long BEFORE the dates you far back as the 17th centuury when the Russians first advanced on Persia and Turkey and on through the 18th and 19 th centuries...a record set down by Dr Joseph of Christian collaboration and active participations in the murder of countless Muslims by Orthodox Russian forces...this was the beginning of the deep hostitlity and justified resentment Muslims felt towatds happened much earlier than he claims...and again, before their treachery Christians lived at peace with their Muslim and Jewish neighbors in Ottoman was their own behavior, what they DID in the name of their religion that caused Muslim hostility...yet this jackass too makes it seem that the Turks all of a sudden and for no reason turned on their Christian citizens when they had been PROTECTING them from Christian PERSECUTION all those years...years when Christian "heretics" were being roasted and their children taken from them and imprisoned in cages for years and all that time known, for good reason, as the Dark Ages in Europe, Muslim lands were the most advanced and was among Muslims that Christians found peace and security and not among their fellow Christians.

But conferences such as these are filled with people with an axe to grind, for their religion, and to vent their bigotry in a way they think justified, because it isnīt bigotry..they just want JUSTICE and TRUTH to prevail.


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