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=> more evidence that religion makes you stupid...

more evidence that religion makes you stupid...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, August 17 2014, 20:13:30 (UTC)
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Watching the events in Ferguson, Missouri where white police killed another unarmed Black kid and listening to Black residents in that area ask questions of the police and white officials, even of each other, I'm reminded that a religious upbringing makes you nonsensical...and why wouldn't it?

Why does being raised to believe that God, the only God, spoke to some Jews 3000 years ago and so on and so forth make you anything but unfit for rational debate...or intelligent questions? Is there no difference of effect on the same child if he or she is raised with Logic and Reason and Scientific methods and one raised on wine being turned into fishes and a carpenter walking on water? Makes no difference in outcome, in what kind of adult you get?

These parents and other emotional and angry people make inane points and ask irrelevant questions and yes, I believe most of them are Christians and howl at the moon when they get the chance...have their minds been turned to much, made dull by years of accepting nonsense as "truth"...are they possibly MORE prone to accept ANY nonsense therefore, as the nonsense they get from Cops and most interviewers?

Malcolm X had one of the sharpest minds ever...and I doubt he could have developed one with Jesus riding his back.


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