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=> more protections gone...

more protections gone...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, December 9 2010, 20:05:53 (UTC)
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...the terrorist and Islamist bullshit will now be used to change a very fundamental protection of free this country he who publishes stolen secret material is not criminally liable...unless the government can meet a very high standard of proof that serious and specific harm etc. was done.

...we're so scared witless and shitless that we're going to allow the government to "protect" us further by now making it a crime to publish whatever the government wants kept from us....after Bush/Cheney inaugurated a whole new level of secrecy, for everything, they can now go after whistle-blowers all the easier...and with a much wider net.

And we'll allow it because they are "protecting" us....same as Hitler changed laws to protect good Germans from Jews.

...and when the government cries that important agents have been compromised by having their names leaked, we have only to remember that the Bush administration itself leaked the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame (to get back at her husband who proved Bush a liar)...and no one cared what happened to her.


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