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=> more superior white people....

more superior white people....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, February 28 2017, 15:33:40 (UTC)
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...a white couple in Georgia were sentenced to years in prison for threatening members of a CHILD'S birthday party/picnic....they aimed shotguns and said they would kill them all, the little ones too......

at their sentencing these superior whites were both blubbering and begging for forgiveness...and that's about all there is to this "greatness" of theirs.

Clearly what motivates all this white Supremacy is a thinly disguised inferiority complex....and with good reason. It was ok for these Honkies as long as Blacks were kept down...but as soon as they were given an almost fair chance, they climbed up out of the poverty and degradation the whites were happy to wallow in for decades...and THAT made them feel especially inferior...not like they couldn't have done something about it all along as it was a white man's world before, as they keep saying...but they didn't...and Blacks did, even with all the odds still against them...and this is what these white trash people can't live with.

Not so surprisingly the white blubberer took a page from the police and said....

"According to the district attorney's statement, Torres testified he carried the shotgun because he feared for his friends' safety. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported members of "Respect the Flag" said people at the party had thrown objects at them."

...get that? These whites climb into a truck waving Confederate diapers and go terrorize a children's birthday party and THEY were "afraid"!

...jeez...can't they find any less inferior whites to carry their racist flag?


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