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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, November 27 2006, 18:24:09 (CET)
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South Korea to kill cats, dogs

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea plans to kill cats and dogs to try to prevent the spread of bird flu after an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 virus at a chicken farm last week, officials said Monday.


..speaking of which...Isreal is playing its usual game of "seeking peace"...first they kill 18 Palestinian civilians, mostly children, by "mistake"...then they "feel badly"...then they "offer concessions"....then they wait and pray that these concessions won't satisfy every Palestinian and that some grieving parent or relative will engage in an "act of terror"...then they'll say "Palestinians have shown no interest in peace"...and they'll pick up where they left off and everyone will think..."My, those Israelis are willing to try anything to have peace...but it's those VIOLENT Palestinians who only want to kill"...etc.


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