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..."no time to waste".......
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 9 2011, 16:53:56 (UTC)
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Website title:'s odd how the nationalists have no time to waste in debating their beliefs and demands, but have plenty to waste sending petitions to the United Nations asserting those demands. One of these seems truly futile...but then considering whom we're dealing with I guess both are...and yet they WILL waste time on one, gladly even proudly, but not on the other....

...I guess there is pride to be had in being ignored by the United Nations and presidents etc., but none in being confronted by their own people....cause with us they KNOW they lose, whereas with the United Nations at least no one writes back.

...come to think of it they DO take inordinate pride in reading out loud the rejection letters sent to them by presidents and governors turning down invitations to attend their silly's as if they see being rejected by "really important people" as some sort of a victory..."hey look, a really important person spit in my face...I mean IMPORTANT"!!!

...important spit is better than no spit at all....I guess. What a nayshun.


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