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=> no wonder we think in conspiracies....

no wonder we think in conspiracies....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 8 2014, 18:14:42 (UTC)
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...when the media and politicians bring back the "experts" who got us into Iraq in the first place and listen to them and give them space and time to spread their nonsense all over again, we can be forgiven for thinking, "this HAS to be a plot"! What else are we to think?

..and we're spouting the same nonsense about ISIS that we did about terrorists and about Muslims that we did about's SO fucking stupid you simply can't take it for wind up thinking someone is doing all this, planning it etc. Normal minds left to deal with facts wouldn't conclude that Jews are the enemies of humanity...neither would they believe the same about Muslims....we accept the miracles of nature because, once we understand nature, we see them as logical, plausible, believable even though fantastic...but if before blooming into a rose a rosebud first turned into a can of Campbell's soup and THEN into a red rose, we'd have to think something screwy was going was going on, even if the end result was still a lovely rose...something in the sequence would strike us as odd, not right.... that can of soup for instance...where did it come from and why?

Our foreign policy is a criminal enterprise...that's all.


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