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=> nothing to fear but fear itself...?

nothing to fear but fear itself...?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, February 15 2017, 15:54:54 (UTC)
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That was Roosevelt's message to Americans...with the worst depression in history, millions out of work, the Dust Bowl sweeping across the land and Fascism taking hold in Europe, with all the great reasons people had to be afraid...Roosevelt calmed us by telling us the only real thing we should fear was fear itself...not joblessness, not Fascism, not war,but just the Fear of all those...he meant we could DO something about all those, we could fix them, so let's get to it.

By contrast, with the economy back,unemployment low, crime down Trump and his people are shouting FEAR FEAR FEAR! They WANT us to be afraid....and the entire Islam thing was our own doing...we had no reason to fear Muslims until WE turned them into our enemies...and that was for the same reason,so we would be AFRAID.

Now one military man says "we are a nation at war"...which is the whole point, These people learned that in time of war you can justify any breach of the Constitution plus make heaps and gobs of the easiest money there is...war money.

We really have little to it's been manufactured.

...except of course from climate this case they're telling us we have NOTHING to fear....ever.


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