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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, July 3 2014, 17:45:47 (UTC)
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Website title: this latest round of Israeli/American aggression against the Palestinian people the argument, by liberals, is structured this way..."there are acts of aggression on both sides"...though it seems right, it isn't.

...if I'm attacked by a man who breaks into my home and who beats me mercilessly,I can hardly be said to be "just as much in the wrong" when I beat him back...we aren't both "committing violence".

This is what gets lost in assessments of the situation all the've conveniently forgotten the original crime; breaking and entering and occupying and also seizing Palestinian "homelands"....every act of "aggression" by the Palestinians has been an act of self-defense and a desire to get the thief out of their homelans. It is not "the same thing" at all.

And, in this latest case, there is no evidence that Hamas had anything to do with killing the Israeli teenagers, but all the evide3nce in the world to show Isareli aggression and occupation for decades.


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