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=> one more thing to consider...

one more thing to consider...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 17 2010, 1:05:44 (UTC)
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...obviously there is and has been an attack by Christians and Christian nations against Islam and Arab nations for some time far back as 1949 when the UN started in business by first taking away Palestinian lands for a homeland for the Jews who survived the Holocaust, and then cast themselves as the "friends and protectors" of the same Jews they just finished wiping out.

And since then weīve seen Palestinians treated just abouit as badly as Jews ever had been...and no one did anything about it...and then the bombing of Port Said and all the other incursions and threats and thefts...right up to the trumped up war against a country that did nothing to deserve it, a war that still goes on and has spread to other countries with even more threats towards this atmosphere; some 60 years of constant jabbing at and irritating and disrespecting and murdering Muslims...and with these new cartoon attacks against a religion that has only shown respect for Jesus...and then most recently the unwaranted attacks against the proposed Islamic Center in New York and as if all that wasnīt enough, here comes a bigoted "preacher" who wants to burn Qurans...and finally the actual burning by a handfull of Christians this last week.

Is this really the time for us, who still have Christians living among Muslims, who say we worry for their safety this really the time to support this stupid drive to convict Muslims of something that happened 90 years ago based on such flimsy and manufactured and one-sided "evidence"?

Justice and Truth are always worth the effort, no matter the if we are to add our voices to the drumbeat of hatred throughout western Christian nations..let us at least be careful and scrupulous in what we call FACTS....letīs not be sloppy or jingoistic...letīs not take shortcuts in a rush to condemn...because if anything should be clear by now itīs that we are not going to harm only Muslims...weīre going to hurt everyone back there...and more than that, this hatred will wash back over us...remember what happened to Germany and Germans after the you think they escaped any of the hatred they spewed so righeously for the years leading up to the Second World War?

By all means letīs continue...but more Seyfo and if the UN has been inadequate as the defender of Muslims and Dark people in general..letīs ask more from them than just a new and improved definition that flies in the face of the true meaning of what Christians did...who now want to dilute it to remove the well deserved curses of all mankind directed at them for the horrors they brought which left the world sppechless...until it invented a new word for them...this is a Christian invention...a Christian phenomenom...letīs be careful before we unjustly smear Muslims with it...because enough people are piling onto Muslims and Islam as it is.


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