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"poor" countries
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, June 28 2011, 10:58:26 (UTC)
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countries like Iraq, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Mexico etc are considered "poor" and this is what the average American thinks of them. Americans think the entire world is poor and think that has always been the case. They will never ask where StarBucks, Hershey, Coca Cola, etc get their products, ingredients and raw materials from. How can countries which are loaded with natural resources be poor? and if they are poor, why has America, France, Britain and other western nations invested there? Rich people don't move to poor areas. We don't see Michael Jordan or Oprah living in the the Bankhead area of Atlanta or the West side of Chicago because those areas are poor and bad. So there would be no reason for White people who are billionaires to have interests in those "poorer" countries. Africa is not poor nor is Iraq, Asia, South America, etc. Those lands are rich and valuable but the people are mostly poor. Those people are only poor because they have been screwed every time they tried to develop their lands. This is why puppet regimes are so necessary for the US and its allies. They don't mind spending tax payer dollars to fund regimes around the world while calling it "foreign aid" since they make tons in return.

A Mubarak or some other puppet can be given millions and millions annually because the US will make billions in return and the money is actually taken from the American people. America is a dirty country, with filthy govt and dirty politics. If America or any of those western giants actually purchased their products and materials from darker people for a reasonable price and not steal it, those countries would be prosperous but that is exactly what they don't want to see. Capitalism can't work if the entire population is prosperous since it means less for the few blood suckers. The majority has to be poor and desperate so that people will be obliged to work for harder with longer hours for less money. It's exactly how Marx pointed out the visible contradiction where the capitalist pays least amount possible so he can pocket more profits but then he expects you to purchase and consume. If he pays too low, you can't consume, so he has to pay more so you'll spend but not he is raking in less profits since he is paying higher wages.

Capitalists cut each others' throats for money when nobody else is left. No matter how much people may deny it or how kind a company speaks, the bottom line is money and that's the most important part. Making money is the only reason why there is Coca Cola, Wal Mart, etc. They not here to give jobs, help or spend money but they in business to make a lot of money, and I mean more than we can count or imagine and they wanna make it quick without putting in hard work or waiting long. If a store only made 5 million profit in one year, it would close because it didn't make "enough" or the number they expected. 5 million is a lot of money and one could work 24/7 for life and never make that much in maybe even a lifetime but to the THD owner that is horrible and a failure. This is a dangerous addiction and a religion. I don't care if one is Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or whatever else by title but the real religion is capitalism and money is their god.

It took me 17 years to figure it out but it was worth it. I been thinking lately how I have been working since I was a teenager in HS and at many times even worked 2 jobs but still am not in any better position than before. It's suppose to be that way. I am suppose to not have money. I could work 10 jobs and not do any drugs or anything and still ain't suppose to have money. It's designed that way and everything is calculated to and set up to a tiny ant. They have worked on it on every detail and designed a system which is meant to make everyone but the few fail. This is what America is made for and you are expected to "play the game" and don't ask, complain or say anything. Just work as much possible, get as little as possible and then pay that little as possible on all the "great things" that capitalism has to offer.

And this system is suppose to bring happiness and success? I rather live with some indigenous tribe in Brazil or Congo than do this. This country is fake and people are dead without knowing it. No life, no taste and no enjoyment. Just an illusion and same old routine every day. Wake up early in the morning and go to work. Work your ass off like a donkey and then get off late in the afternoon or evening. Come home and go to bed in a little while so that you can wake up and do it all over again. All this time and routine for 20, 30, 40 or more years just to put gas in a car to go back to work, to pay rent and pay bills because capitalism wants your money. If you even have 50 dollars left over from one check, you did something wrong and that is not American. Don't just have money in the bank. Don't have 15,000 in the bank because that could be in the pockets of the capitalists who are waiting for it. The pie is only so big and not enough for everybody. If everyone has a place to live, how will the capitalist make money by renting you a home or an apartment? If you no longer have to worry about food, how will he sell you a gallon of milk?

If education is free how will the one whom the university or college belong to make his cash? If car insurance or health insurance is no longer needed, how will the owner and investor of such industry make his money/ All these things are needed because it's all a business and privately owned. Capitalism is a serious problem and a very unhealthy habit. i rather smoke crack than be part of that. If I had a billion dollars, I buy every poor and or working person a place to stay. I would get assassinated for doing so since I renting or buying an apartment/house would no longer be necessary so I would be taking huge profits away from the few who feel they are special. These people will kill you for a cup of oil and that's why they go miles away and bomb people into the stone age when they don't surrender that cup of oil and diamonds or whatever it is that will make a dollar.

So when the naive and arrogant American asks why most of the world hates you, it is because of what you do to them. Even if it's not you directly, you still at fault because you pay for it and vote. No matter how innocent you think you are or may actually be, you will still be guilty no matter what and it won't stop until you do so. Now, i typed way more than I expected but sometimes I can't help it.


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