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pulling assyria out of your ass
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 8 2011, 16:21:24 (UTC)
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Re: An Update on The Mighty Assyrian Eagles

Posted By: Ashur Giwargis
Date: Monday, 6 June 2011, at 7:25 p.m.

In Response To: Re: An Update on The Mighty Assyrian Eagles (Nenus Younan)

Thia was my comment :

The spoken language by the Assyrians today is the same since the 8th century B.C, is? Then how come no assyrian knew anything about Gilgamesh until a Euro deciphered the cuneiform script? Which of you grew up reading and writing cuneiform?

including few Aramaic, but dealing with the historical truth, the old Assyrian (Akkadian) was the lingua-franca of the region between the Nile river in Sudan and the Zagros mountains in Iran, this is attested by the Tel-Amarena letters of the Pharaoh Amoun-Hoteb (14th century B.C) to the Phonecians, which which were all written in Assyrian letters and language, this means that 400 years before the appearing of the Aramean nomads, the Assyrian language was a Lingua Franca, thatís why the origin of the very Aramaic is Assyrian (+ Canaanite according to Britannica). In this case it wrong to say the we speak Aramaic.

...this is what you get when taxi drivers and accountants write history and interpret linguistics....since they never bother with competing ideas or facts they don't like, they just scan books to see what can be lifted and put to use....which is exactly what scholars DON'T do. This fellow is the only one I have heard of yet who says that Akkadian was the "lingua franca"...every expert in this field says it was Aramaic....the Akkadian language was used in the Assyrian empire but that wouldn't make it a lingua franca, which means a language used by DIFFERENT peoples and countries...a lingua franca is a language which is freely adopted by various peoples living in proximity who choose it as the common means of communication...the language of Empire is imposed on the conquered.



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