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punishing a child and foreign policy...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 15 2014, 19:24:40 (UTC)
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Americans have worked their way into a is forbidden now to use corporal punishment in disciplining a child...there's the football player who faces charges of child abuse for beating his kid with a switch and causing scars and bruises....but, what is an American parent to do?

We believe that diplomacy doesn't work, is sissy stuff and besides, isn't as viscerally satisfying as a beating....we refuse to talk, to reason, to hear the other fellow out...and we do the same with our children.

We want to hit, our kids....everybody who crosses's our preferred way of dealing with anyone who displeases us, whether our own kid or an Iraqi kid...we want to hit....but at least here, it's become illegal and frowned upon.

...we're divided.


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