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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, December 9 2016, 18:27:26 (UTC)
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Trumps win is a victory for modern Fascism....not the old-style cartoony stuff but the new improved version...he spread a bunch of lies his people wanted to believe, needed to believe, and he won....and since has put all his business cronies into government....guys, like him, who never had any interest in public service, only in public-milking...wonder why they are going into government?

Repubs began fighting Obama on day one...the state of Texas took his administration to court 44 times, and mostly lost but a few times they did win, and cost millions in tax-payer funds....and why? Obama wasn't a Progressive or even Liberal...he wasn't even a traditional best he was a moderate Republican of the old school....nothing he did was was so awful that there should have been that much opposition to his policies...since most of them were warmed-over Republican ideas...why were they so furious?

Obviously, because he is Black...they keep trying to say it wasn't that, it was his "un-American policies"...but they were mostly their own ideas, once upon a time. The only reason to dislike Obama was for his color....and they are now trying to say that Dems, who dislike Trump, are acting "just the same"...that it is all equal.

No, it isn't...Trump's pink color isn't the reason people find him repulsive...he could be Black, it wouldn't this case it is the actual SUBSTANCE of what Trump is and represents, not his color...and we can be as specific as we like because there is much to choose from.

I still say it's better this way...this is a last-gasp for what Trump represents...his views and his supporters are squarely opposed to history, they are on the wrong side of it...aside from normal back-sliding, the nation, even the world, is moving in a Progressive direction...what holds us back are these troglodytes who see their own influence waning and therefore want to go back to "good old days"...only it's not going to happen.....there may still be some sliding back...but it's over.

It was over when Hitler took power, only he didn't know it....trouble was it took tons of dead bodies and destruction to get us back on course...but we got back on course and it is a course humans will stay on and move farther along just is.

It is best that people see the fraud that Trump is...of course his people will deny it...they'll claim is was all the fault of the Dems who "fought Trump"....but in states where Repubs govern, no one wants to move there unless they have to and their economies are weak...and made worse by these backwards-looking in Indiana where anti-Gay legislation, which made the Troglodytes very happy, wound up costing the people millions in lost revenue, because those days are over...Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, all those most Red states...who wants to live there...who wants to move there? Whereas California, which has been Democrat for years and increasingly Liberal, has the fifth largest economy in the WORLD....and people can pee where they want to.


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