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recent events in Israel....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, July 22 2014, 2:39:51 (UTC)
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...I like how Israel says, "we warned the Palestinians ahead of time to get out...what more do you want from us". What a crock of shit! For forty years Israel has been telling the Palestinians to GET OUT...what makes this time so commendable?

...the underlying, fundamental, foundational issue to this conflict isn't being discussed; you can't break into someone's house, occupy it illegally and then act surprised when the owner tries to throw you out in the night....Palestinians have every right to attack Israel....every right, claimed by every white man on earth when HE is invaded.

...Israel keeps putting the screws to Palestinians hoping against hope they will "get out" or one of them will fire a rocket at Israel and give them the excuse they need to say, "get out, for YOUR protection because here we come 'defending' ourselves".

Having said all that I have to repeat that this is all due to what Christians have done to Jews for 1000 years at least....Christians drove them to such desperate straits...and Jews themselves, not having the means to fight back against Christians, their REAL enemies, have instead had to make this terrible Devil's bargain with Christian nations, acting as their dog in return for the right to persecute Muslims and rob them, even of their gold teeth and ashamed Israelis must really their heart of the dead silence of night.

Muslims did not deserve this....Christians DO!


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