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=> refusing to sing for Trump.

refusing to sing for Trump.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, December 30 2016, 18:53:01 (UTC)
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A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has refused to sing for Trump and has quit the choir. Many people are expressing reservations if not dislike for many did for Obama.....but the difference is telling.

There are many good reasons to dislike Trump and what he stands for...actual factual objections for which there is actual evidence. Those objecting to Obama had really only one reason to dislike him; his skin color. Of course they couldn't say that so instead they spoke of his foreign birth, that he was not "one of us"...and then they called him a food stamp president and a socialist and then invented a slough of unsubstantiated claims when what they really wanted to shout is .."he is a NIGGER"!

If Obama was a socialist he was the worst one ever...he wasn't even liberal or progressive, just a mild-mannered, rational, Republican of the old school...but he was Black and that was enough, that was all.

People will now make those false equivalents which have poisoned what little mind we have left. They'll say, "some people didn't like Obama, some don't like it's a wash"...except it isn't. None of the objections to Trump have anything to do with his skin color but rather what he does and stands for, whereas all that those hating Obama could really point to, though of course they wouldn't, is his skin color. They just had to disguise it behind "policy differences" or some such thing.

It isn't the same at all....Trump is really disgusting, Obama isn't.


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