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=> "religious freedom" Law.......yeah, sure.

"religious freedom" Law.......yeah, sure.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, April 2 2015, 2:34:12 (UTC)
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Bill Maher makes a big point out out of saying that when Christians are offended, they don't shoot people, or throw bombs...but Muslims do. Since Muslims have been attacked and occupied and murdered and starved to death for the past 20 years, one would expect Muslim anger to be a little more "violent"...since they've received so much violence thanks to sort of learn to be that way...after all, what did 700,000 Iraqi babies do to deserve death at the hands of the United States? They didn't even draw a fucking cartoon...why did we kill them?

Also...this new religious freedom law to protect the rights of Christians who are offended by Gay people and allow them to discriminate against them, is an example of an "offended people" lashing out, in a big way, against the basic human rights of a lot of American citizens...okay, there is no NEED for home-grown Christians to resort to violence, they can simply make discrimination legal...but then again they DO murder, and throw bombs, at abortion clinics and abortion providers and one pilot who was "depressed" murdered 150 turns out that Christians do all the bad things Muslims do...but Christians start things...they always do...and THEN they get "offended" on top of that.


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