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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, January 1 2008, 21:32:46 (CET)
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Let's get this straight...and let's use language as other people understand it.

Christians who claim to be Assyrians can expect human rights everywhere on citizens of America, Germany, Kurdistan or Iraq they can expect the rights all citizens enjoy by America or Germany we get to special rights...neither can we expect any in Iraq or Kurdistan. The indigenous people of various nations get the rights accorded to all nationals...they have no special claim to what used to be their indigenous lands. Ask the Apaches.

In our case the argument is even clearer...we, as Christians, are NOT the indigenous people of Iraq...the PEOPLE of Iraq are its indigenous people and they see no reason or justification whatsoever in our claim that a part of Iraq must be handed over to a Christian minority.

The above points can't be refuted. Not unless we go silly and make things up to suit ourselves...and we DO that...which is the main reason we will never get anything but the world's indifference and the back of its hand occasionally...we make fools of OURSELVES and then, like Jumblat, get mad at everyone ELSE.

It's only natural that when you hear a good joke, you laugh! We get pissed at the natural, healthy, human characteristic of laughing when presented with a joke...if we want to really be respected, respected because we deserve it and not because we DEMAND it...let's EARN respect for a change...let's stop bringing up Ashurbanipal as a reason WE should be respected.

When we're no longer a joke, people will stop laughing at or brushing us starts with us...not with the world.


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