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=> rocket attacks in Israel....

rocket attacks in Israel....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 23:15:14 (UTC)
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...okay, Mossad didnīt cross over into Gaza and fire those rockets...and Bush didnīt pilot the planes into the towers and Hitler didnīt set the fuse that blew up his own Reichstag...and Johnson didnīt shoot those torpedos in the Gulf of Tonkin...okay? We arenīt Bill Maher...we donīt have "idiots syndrome" when it comes to thinking about how these are done and why.

Mossad didnīt need to to fire those rockets...if Jews can produce kapos who turn on other Jews and we have American citizens sitting in jail for selling secrets to the Soviets, Israel and anyone else who will pay....Mossad can find Arabs who will fire those rockets...and they did, and they do...regularly.

And another thing...these "rockets" are not guided missles, like we buy for Isarel and it AIMS at civilians...they are rockets, glorified fireworks, no guidance point them "thataway", light the fuse and duck because you canīt tell where theyīre going.


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