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=> san jose assyrians get Anna Eshoo to apologize....

san jose assyrians get Anna Eshoo to apologize....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 10 2017, 15:50:27 (UTC)
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They took "action". Assyrians everywhere were in a tizzy because Anna Eshoo only referenced the Armenians by name when discussing the Genocide in Turkey,,,all other Christians were lumped together as "other minorities"...well, this was just terrible!

These people place great emphasis on words, on "mentioning"...they're not too hot on doing anything, just talking. A delegation of ruffled Assyrians from San Jose went to her office and she apologized and said no insult was intended, again, more they left feeling they had DONE something.

This same San Jose Assyrian group told me, three years ago, that they had raised the funds for an Assyrian monument for San Jose....and in three years and with an Assyrian on the city council they have yet to do anything about their proposed again you see their M.O. They TALKED about a monument...they MENTIONED a monument...and that has excited and satisfied them so much that actually making it isn't a priority any longer.

They believe they took "Action" when they confronted Anna about the "word" Assyrian...they think they've taken action when they MENTIONED wanting to make a monument....and words are all they need, it's all they "do"...that and beg someone to "do something for us".

They rejected my design idea....and are sticking to their favorite...which shows an Assyrian being gently lowered to the ground by an Assyrian "angel"...their president is a born-again so naturally the idea of human sacrifice appeals to her.

...the monument, if it ever gets built, is actually a tribute to ISIS....if they ever see it they'll think, "yeah, that's what we did to you alright"...


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