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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 15 2007, 19:59:20 (CET)
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Religio-nationalists like to say that Dr Joseph is a trained spy for Israel, or the Kurds or the CIA or anything that might discredit his books which show that modern Assyrians are a recent invention, a name attached by over-eager Europeans to Christian Nestorians due to the ancient ruins found beneath their villages and which they themselves took up as their true identity right after World War I. Modern Assyrians themselves still maintain that their modern Chaldean cousins are an invention of the 17th century popes while vehemently insisting no such thing took place in their case: that they are real and direct and lineal descendants of the ancients for which they can offer not one shred of evidence except “we know”.

But after watching their recent performance leading up to and during the Iraq War which saw them cheering on the United States and declaring, breathlessly, that a war against Iraq, site of their “dear homeland”, would provide “golden opportunities” by releasing Assyrians from the “cruel grip” of Islam which had been “persecuting” them for 1,400 years and that with the help of the western Christian nations led by America and Great Britain their best chance ever to be given back their “ancestral lands” was at hand, glory hallelujah!

Their constant blunders in this regard dating back a century at least when they first began pawing Europeans and being patronized by them you would be hard pressed to think they weren’t the ones being paid by somebody to destroy their “nation”, as they quaintly call their squabbling tribes and sects.

This time around Assyrians were encouraged to demonstrate, to stand up and be counted, to get their pictures taken and their addresses written down, to attract the attention of the Iraqi security forces who could visit their relatives still in Iraq, and an engineer, a “true nationalist” was put forth as their leader in Iraq around whom they must rally for yea, the day is come when Isaiah will come true and Assyria will rise again!!! And even though thousands of their harassed brethren would be killed and thousands of their children starved to death under Sanctions and a few hundred thousand driven into exile where they huddle and sell what they have left of dignity in order to survive… it would all be worth it, said those of them sitting in coffee shops in far off California, London, Stockholm and Melbourne…that we must strive and sacrifice and raise money and never falter for that blessed day is well nigh upon us when we will raise the standard of Jesus over Assyria!!!

In short, like any man of questionable morals we went to bed with Uncle Sam and found he had no use for us in the morning…we forgot that while everyone needs toilet paper badly, no one cherishes it after putting it to its proper use. We undressed for the man, revealed our naked longing, turned our backs and bent over only to feel Kurdistan stab us right in the heart.

And who suffered? How many Assyrians in California, London, Stockholm or Melbourne lost any food, lost sleep, worried about armed men breaking into their homes, having their children shot or ravished by soldiers, soldiers on their way to get us Assyria? Who really paid for all this nonsense and wild delusion bred of boredom and too much spare time when nothing was on the telly? Who else but those trapped in a war zone who we insisted must remain there to make a “presence” so that Assyria will never die…even if they did? A presence we all made sure of not making long ago?

Did Dr Joseph engineer any of this? Did he search high and low, straining credulity and prostituting history to encourage and drive and whip and beat civilians trapped under the greatest barrage of injustice and weapons of mass destruction since the Nazis? Was it Dr Joseph who betrayed us to believing we are owed something, something we must fight for when we have no fight in us but only an advanced case of victimhood? Did Dr Joseph call us names, insult us as unworthy of Ashurbanipal, our “ancestor”? Is he the one who wrote books proving we had not only a valid land claim, a deed that died 2000 years ago, but that we had every expectation that such a claim would be honored? And honored by people who’d trampled merrily over the rights and ancestral homelands of countless indigenous people whose claims were far more recent in memory and still recorded in modern history than ours?

Or did Dr Joseph show we were Christians of the Middle East with a proud enough ancestry who carried no more of the ancient heritage of all past civilizations of that region than did anyone else, regardless of religion? Didn’t he write that we were brothers and sisters of our neighbors, regardless whether they choose Islam or Christianity? Was it Dr Joseph who set us on this round of cursing each other and flying apart at the slightest disagreement, most notably regarding how we view Christ, added now to how we saw ourselves as Assyrians? Weren’t his words ones of true unity under the one thing that had come closest to unifying us before the missionaries came to use us to convert Muslims, as near a suicide mission as any enemy would wish for us…or the early and untrained excavators who carried themselves away on a wave of enthusiasm, praising themselves at our expense by first suggesting the idea we must be children of Shalmanessar?

Who has set us up more than our patriots? Who searched every corner to magnify and present to the world bogus instances of injustice or persecution, who manipulated facts and then lied outright to slander Islam, making sure that Christians under Muslim rule would be seen as potential traitors and enemies to their country? And who would now, today, back any other Christian power who promised to pick up where the United States leaves off and get them their Assyria…regardless of how much more bloodshed and misery and losses the dwindling population of Assyrians suffers? Whether in two years or ten or fifty, these same “friends of Assyria” will bring all their old nationalist rhetoric, their promises of promises, their faith in faith and hope for hope, their “golden opportunities” and once again cheer on any nation on earth that promises them, or even hints, or even might, get them that homeland…at whatever horrendous price and regardless how often these fond hopes have led to disaster?

The only conclusion one can draw is that our nationalists are the greatest enemy by far, even though for free, out people have ever faced because they hide among us and wrap themselves in patriotism and nationalism and Jesus too. These people are never content unless someone somewhere is killing us. They claim it’s a worthwhile price to pay for Assyria…but it’s one they’re careful to avoid paying themselves. No one pays them for this work, but they receive benefits just the same; the benefit of seeing themselves as champions of Assyria and “Fathers of Their Nation”, while they drive to work in the morning, stuck in traffic jams or drive taxis or sit at desks in offices where they can be replaced by any Pakistani or Arab or Hottentot. These people yearn for distinction more than they do for cash. No one has to “buy” them because they’re sold already; sold on the idea that glory awaits them, if only someone will attack the people of Iraq so that Assyria may yet rise from the ashes of Assyrians.

Dr Joseph, it turns out, as these things often do, is the best friend the PEOPLE behind the name tag “Assyrian” ever had…while those who insist the title is authentic are their greatest enemies. Watch them…they’re back to work again this time spreading lies about Kurdistan and making ridiculous claims that Kurdistan must honor the “special rights” and “national rights” they’ve decreed for themselves when no democracy on earth today grants any such thing to any minority. They’re on the lookout for inconsistencies in speeches, for the chance to make sarcastic attacks against the lack of freedom of speech in Kurdistan, still under siege, while they themselves never grant such a thing to their own people in the West. Their hypocrisy is of such gigantic proportions that you’d think we, of all people, would see it…but we’re blinded, dazzled by the cartoon images they paint of us flying the Assyrian flag over Assyria where we’ll finally manage to bury the last Assyrians.


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