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=> seeing Treason everywhere.....

seeing Treason everywhere.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, July 23 2013, 16:05:01 (UTC)
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...It's amazing, well not really, that our nationalists see treason everywhere BUT in what they do when they betray Iraq. They accuse their cousins of treason...they accuse their priests of treason...if you question anything you are a Traitor...if you vote Democratic you are a traitor...if you don't agree with the AUA you are a traitor if you don't agree with the AANF you are a traitor...if you won't join this or that group you are a can't scratch your arse in assyria without being a traitor to SOMEBODY.

BUT! Help the British against Iraq and you are a HERO...take up British arms against your country of Turkey and you are a NATIONALIST...fight for the United States against Iraqi children and you are an ASSYRIAN!!!

"Treason"...yet another word assyrians don't know the meaning of.


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