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=> shutting down speech on campus

shutting down speech on campus
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, February 21 2017, 16:00:29 (UTC)
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...conservatives think they have found an issue here...get someone repulsive on every level and get him on a college campus...sit back and watch the fun as those liberal PC types yell and scream etc. Then these conservatives wax holy about how sacred free speech is and isn't it a shame that liberal students are behaving like Storm Troopers and Stalin thugs etc.

...Trump and Breitbart are about theatre....there is substance there, but not what appears on the surface.

...Conservatives and yes, even Bill Maher who is becoming just another harrumphing geezer, are so "shocked" that college students are behaving in these ways...but, does Bill allow free speech? Rula Jabreel spoke the simple truth about Israel and was never heard of again on his show. Does FOX? Does any of the media allow college students to come on the air and give their views...freely?

...there are now zillions of media outlets for these people to spill their propaganda, how come it's so important all of a sudden to invade college campuses as well? Do they NOT have sufficient voice and power already...or is this in reality an attack on free speech?

...the conservative message already floods the airwaves and cables....they need college campuses as well? Why? This is a ruse, like so many of their "ideas" is meant to weaken the last safe bastion of challenging thought...or what used to be the one last place in America where you WEREN'T inundated with the conservative propaganda.

..they already tried "intelligent design" they hide behind "free speech" thing you know they'll get the presidency.


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