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slapping mucho around
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 30 2007, 2:23:44 (CET)
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Website title:'s perfectly legitimate to engage in "smack downs" of each other. Lord knows I do it often enough. It's also good to present ideas, to argue in their favor, to marshall resources, cite literature, historical records etc.

...muncho's substance is confined to put-downs. The rest of what makes up a healthy personality is lacking. He no doubt has some ideas but is too unsure of himself to reveal them. Looking stupid by remaining silent is preferable to speaking up and showing how stupid he he offers nothing except a running commentary delivered in burps and belches.'s a tough place to be in. He'd like nothing more than to eb able to refute what he perceives as "attacks" on his religion...which are nothing more than a recital of that religion's own record. Unfortunately he can't do that and so he yips and yaps at our heels...which is even better.

...Imagine him as a lawyer who has nothing of his own to present but must content himself with objecting to his opponent's case. Not too impressive.

...Hopefully I've given him enough to step up and undress himself some more.


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