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=> so many anti-Muslim Iranians

so many anti-Muslim Iranians
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 7:48:41 (UTC)
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You may be aware of this(marcello) but I have noticed this a lot. I don't mean just not wanting to be Muslim but even the ones who still claim to be Muslim say somethings which to me make them non-Muslims. I also notice these types of Iranians to the more racist ones who feel they are White. I got this from an Iranian Aryan web site where this house Negro is asking the following:

aryanation wrote

"One thing that I am really frustrated about is the fact that every time a documentary or news report about iranian muslims is showed, they never ever mention the high number of anti muslim iranians like us. It's like they are ignoring us on purpose. They never mention the attitudes most iranian immigrants who came to the west during the islamic revolution have towards muslims. And of course they never forget to make iranians look like non white arabs. Why are they ignoring anti muslim iranian nationalists? Is it because they don't want to offend muslims or is it because they are just not informed?"

This fool acts as if Iran only has three people. There are 80 million people in Iran and the majority are Muslims. I also seen videos on youtube where those dummies try to show the Whitest Iranians to convince everyone they are too. They die to be White and hate Arabs and others. Aryan never meant to be blue eyes and blond hair or even pale White skin. The majority of Iranians that I have seen would not be accepted by White people as one of theirs because they are a shade to dark and have different features. People like those types of Iranians, Turks, Kurds, Arabs, etc make me sick. they want to monkey White people in everything.

I had an Iranian friend name Shaheen whom I used to smoke blunts with and listen to Persian hip hop. His father was one of those types of Iranians who looked at White people as god. Shaheen was a decent practicing Muslim and had a little beard and mustache. his dad would force him to shave and say he looks like a terrorist and might get FBI after him lool. He said we are in America and one should be respectful. In the Middle East, it used to be shameful to see a man without a mustache or facial hair(not that it's a crime to shave) and these elderly men have become this scared that they shave and make their grown sons shave also. I don't get along with Kemalists or any of those kind of bigots who worship nationalism and wanna be White.

You perhaps know a lot of those kind of Iranians in Cali, huh?


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