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so typical....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, September 25 2010, 23:44:09 (UTC)
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...because their mothers always protected them and moderators protect them to this day they think that law courts and the Constitutiuon is also set up to protect them...they have no idea what constiutes slander of defamation...when you PRINT BOOKS...when you give SPEECHES when you post on FORUMS, you are no longer a private person entitles to the protections of these CHOOSE to expose yourself and ytour views therefore you canīt expect to say whatever you want to say and then silence those who demand the same rights!

I had BEGGED Sargon Dadeeshoo to sue me...Iīve called him every name I can think of, accused him of fucking his own mother...of robbing old assyrians of their savings...Iīve called his deiploma a fraud and him a liar...but the motherfucker refuses to sue me...same with Aprim...I donīt know what more I can accuse the asshole of but he makes sure to steer clear from me....

Itīs great that they called his bluff.... letīs see what the little mammaīs boy does about it...and thanks for posting it he has to sue us!

Please, dear lord, hear my prayer, please have Aprim sue us...please!


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