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somehting worse than cannibalism
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, May 22 2008, 7:24:34 (CEST)
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...a much more harmful doctrine is the idea of predestination...that is: God chose from the begining of time which people were to be saved and taken to paradise and which would be damned...and far more would be damned thna saved...and no matter what "good works" a person did in Life, if he was not "chosen" from before his birth...nothing he could do could change "fate".

As Dr Durant has pointed out, oftentimes new religious doctrines were really a front for a political rebellion or resistance...that usually orthodoxy represented the centralizing control of the government while new sects were the religious cover for a movement for local autonomy.

A good example happened among us when we decided to become followers of Nestorus. Our ancestros living in the Persian Empire had no reason to all of a sudeen declare themselves folowers of a bisohp of far away Constantinople. But by then the Romans, enemies of the Persians, had been converted to Christianity...which resulted in the Persians becomming suspicious of the loyalty of the Christians within their borders....realizing the shift in Persian attitudes, our bishops decided to declare their loyalty to Nestorus, once he was excommunicated and exiled by Rome...what better way to show the Persiand they were not about to be loyal to a Rome which would now call them heretcs aswell than to declare their conversion to Nestorianism....and the adding of his name to their church? They didn;t all of a sudden see any deep truth in what the bishop of Constantinople was was for practical and political reasons that they decided to adopt his teachings.

Predestination was similarly an attempt of dissenters to break away from the pope, form Catholicism which said that anyone who did good works could be saved. Protestants therefore decided that nothing you did would make any difference..that God had already decided for or against you before you were even born...the danger of this new doctrine was that people could do all the crimes and filth they wanted, and still maintain that they could be saved anyway...because god held nothing they did on earth against them.

This doctine has allowed Protestant sects, especially the nuttier ones, to declare themselves among the Saved...because THEY declared themselves to be...and commit whatever crimes they felt like because they were already saved...and nothing they did, good or bad, could change that.
That's been another destructive doctrine to the world's peace of mind...there was no point in behaving well, in being kind and good and decent and could if you wanted to...but hell. you might be among the damned anyway, so why bother? Why not live it up and have some fun at least, on this earth, since more than likely you were going to burn in hell and never have the chance...a terrible thing to teach children.


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