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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, September 16 2010, 22:20:09 (UTC)
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I was doing some reading and was going over the supposed numbers of Armenians living in Ottoman empire during that time period. According to Armenian church sources, the number was 2,3 million, and according to the census taken by the Turks, there were approximately 1.3 million Armenians total in their land. The western historians who researched this stated that the number was no higher than 1,5 million. In either case, the Turks seem more accurate and honest while Christians are always lying. Even if, for the sake of argument, the number was 2,1 million as the liars claim, that would mean almost the entire Armenian population perished and that is an obvious lie.

On the other hand, our friend, Tiglath, stated that the Turks were conducting a national purification attempt and there is no evidence of that because why did the fighting only take place after the Armenians and others took up arms and made war on the Turks. The Christians who claim a genocide took place ignore the fact that the Armenians killed Turks and declared war in order to establish their own state. I am told that it isn't wrong to "want your own nation" and that is true but the government will still defend its nation and put down the attackers or else the natives could do the same thing. Christians have committed multiple genocides against their own alone, yet the term genocide is never used for it but we always hear "religious wars" instead.

The Christians who committed these acts are simply called nut cases or fake while the same people tell Turkey to "just admit to the genocide and we will leave you alone and then Armenia can establish good relations" but this is mere bullshit. Firstly, Turks don't have to admit to nothing just as an innocent man does not have to plead guilty just because someone wants him to. Then, Turks are not in denial but Christians are. Turks have admitted that Armenians and others were killed but that is not the same as genocide. This is where the problem is. Christians want to desperately give Turks a genocide on their name but that did not happen. The Turks claim that the exact number of people that died during those years are not known for sure but the number of dead Armenians given is up to 700,000 but those were not all killed by Turks. Most deaths were due to starvation. cold winters and other diseases.

Christians need to stop being the cowards they have been for 2,000 years and go for a real trial rather than this bogus crap they are trying to pull. Christians can't admit to the crimes they truly guilty of yet want Turks to admit to something they are innocent of. When Americans wanted to break away from England, they too took arms and fought wars. They just happened to win or else George Washington would have been killed. The rise of nationalism had already hit the area almost a 100 years before 1915 and it was only after the Armenians agreed to fight for Russians, French and others that they were killed, but even then. all the evidence shows that churches were open as usual elsewhere in Turkish cities and the overall Christian population was not harmed nor hunted down.

The burden o proof is not on Turks but on the Christians who are making accusations yet getting pissed when others demand proof. Just because Muslims are the "bad guys" does not mean anything that is said must be accepted without proof. Is that a Christian thing to bring down an enemy by any means even in a cowardly fashion? I think it is and history shows that.


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