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staement of my own "faith"
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, November 23 2007, 17:16:26 (CET)
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...I have no religion...absolutely none. I don't believe in gods, angels, demons, devils, hell or heaven. I do believe in the inspirational quality of such beliefs, as the Assyrians were motivated by their faith in Ashur, I don't believe in sin at all...neither in salvation, the civil law is enough for me. For me, these are all ridiculous. I raised my five children to respect the beliefs of others until those beliefs result in any form of cruelty or oppression towards others...we talked about religion as a man-made thing...but one that has at times reached the sublime, but on balance as having done far more damage than good. I understand why ignorant people, feeling the mystery all around them, would invent gods several hundred years ago when they knew next to nothing...but no thank you...not today and not ever again.

Having said that I feel free and unconstrained in my attempts to understand religion....the reason it appears that I am "attacking" Christianity is becase Christianity has been attacking the world since its bloody adoption by the Roman Empire. To me, basic Christian belief..and please, NOT love or firmly grounded in criminal behavior. Behavior such as cannibalism and vampirism as well as seeking to benefit from the murder of a most innocent and gentle man, for there was no other way to receive the "divine gift" of eternal life if Jesus had NOT been brutally murdered. I believe this sets Christian children, unconsciously, on a path of criminal and violent behavior in which it's perfectly okay to seek to benefit from things which the world condemns as most disgusting and illegal and immoral too..including more murders and torture and oppression. Something, something, has to explain why Christianity, as an organized religion, has been the bloodiest religion of them all.

I'm open to suggestions.


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