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stats for October
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, November 1 2011, 19:55:25 (UTC)
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Website title:

Total Hits 193333
Total Files 138451
Total Pages 177321
Total Visits 34861
Transfered KBytes 3885912
Total Hosts 1747
avg max
Hits per Day 6236 14429
Files per Day 4466 9613
Pages per Day 5720 13877
Visits per Day 1124 1846
Transfered Kbytes per Day 125352 253676
Time per visit 00:07:30 ---
Pages per visit 5.09 ---
Duration per page 00:01:34 ---
Cache Hit ratio 5.20% ---

...visits per day: 1124.

There are those who will say this is meaningless...and then the hosts will tell you that what every site wants to know is how many unique visits they get every 24 hours..or else this whole thing would be hard as it may be for certain people (like Jeffrey...ahem!) to believe that this many people are visiting this site daily....the figures don't lie. And the fact that we have so few people writing while so many more read can only mean that many people find what the few write to be of interest...doesn't mean they share the same point of view, just that they know this is the only assyrian site where anybody has anything to say.


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