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=> stereotyping is wrong because....

stereotyping is wrong because....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 14:56:38 (UTC)
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Website title: comes from a lazy mind..or it makes for a lazy mind. A mind so lazy that it won't challenge other notions and can be easily led to its own destruction.

Each animal has a quality that makes them unique...the horse is swift and strong, the ant even stronger, some climb well, others fly...humans have the capacity to reason, that's all that is special to us...we are weak, we are slow, we can't fly or swim for long and we freeze and boil easily...all we have is Reason and to suspend it, for anything, diminishes our humanity...that's why faith is so fucking dangerous..and why a lazy mind is an incomplete, an inhuman mind...its laziness diminishes us as human beans, and then Auschwitz and Iraq can happen...and they will backfire on us, as we well deserve.


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