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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 15 2011, 14:21:19 (UTC)
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...Obama's economy guy says the country needs way more government creation of jobs, since the zillionaires we created aren't interested in making money the old fashioned way....that sounds like a good solution except it simply means borrowing more money from the private bank known as the Federal Reserve...which only drives up our interest rate payments and so the cycle goes on...and the answer isn't the private sector either because they've been busy making fake profits by simply cutting employee salaries and benefits and pocketing the money, so that the workers of America can't afford to buy all the junk we make that we call "living".

FDR made the same get the money for his public works programs, including the Second World War, he borrowed and borrowed, which drove up the debt and goes on and on.

The only solution can come from the people, us, printing up our own money through OUR government...and then paying it back to's such a simple and elegant solution to a ridiculous situation that it won't be long before this system we have collapses in on itself...and then we'll see.


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